Swimming, feeding and inversion of multicellular choanoflagellate sheets
L Fung, A Konkol, T Ishikawa, BT Larson, T Brunet, RE Goldstein
bioRxiv (Phys. Rev. Lett., in press). Link
Perspectives on principles of cellular behavior from the biophysics of protists
BT Larson
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A unicellular walker controlled by a microtubule-based finite-state machine
BT Larson, J Garbus, JB Pollack, WF Marshall
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Popular press: New Scientist, UCSF News
A hydraulic instability drives the cell death decision in the nematode germline
NT Chartier*, A Mukherjee*, J Pfanzelter*, S Fürthauer, BT Larson, AW Fritsch, M Kreysing, F Jülicher, SW Grill
Nat. Phys. 1-6 PDF
* denotes equal contribution
Highlighted in journal: Nature Physics
Biophysical principles of choanoflagellate self-organization
BT Larson, T Ruiz-Herrero, S Li, S Kumar, L Mahadevan, N King
PNAS 117 (3). PDF
Light-regulated collective contractility in a multicellular choanoflagellate
T Brunet*, BT Larson*, TA Linden*, MJA Vermeij, KL McDonald, N King
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* denotes equal contribution
Highlighted in journals: Science, eLife, and Current Biology
The architecture of cell differentiation in choanoflagellates and sponge choanocytes
D Laundon, BT Larson, KL McDonald, N King, P Burkhardt
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Systematic spatial mapping of proteins at exocytic and endocytic structures
BT Larson, KA Sochacki, JM Kindem, JW Taraska
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Lessons from environmental ethics about the intrinsic value of synthetic life
MA Bedau and BT Larson
GA Kaebnick and TH Murray (Ed.)
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Imaging the post-fusion release and capture of a vesicle membrane protein
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PLOS Biology cover image, Davis Laundon and Pawel Burkhardt